Is it selfish to be tight with my money?

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Is it selfish to be tight with my money?

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“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

As in many things, there is no right and wrong. Is it selfish to be a

The answer to your question is that being careful or squandering money
is a matter of personal preference.

A guy I knew vaguely was in court once — in one of those inevitable
divorce cases. The judge said she was shocked to hear that the wife was
only allowed 3 squares of toilet paper to wipe herself after a pee.

The defendant didn’t deny it, but asked for an opportunity to explain.
The judge just shut him up and said she didn’t need to hear any more.
She granted a summary judgment for most of this “selfish bastard’s”
money to the ex-wife to be.

Later on, the “selfish bastard” explained to me that his wife, while
sitting on a toilet would ALWAYS as an idle pastime, wad up an entire
role of toilet paper. The many wads were used to mainly stuff the toilet
bowl with till it was stopped up.

More to the story but, skipping the details: To “train” his wife he
locked up all the toilet paper rolls and allowed her 3 squares for pees
and 9 squares for a double wipe of #2. He also installed a high pressure
hose+ nozzle to use as a bidet spray to save paper. She then sued for
divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty and extreme abuse.

I dunno why I told this story, but the question reminded me of it.

The bottom line being, I suppose, that if you are not hurting or pissing
off anyone with your parsimony (like your wife-kid-dependents), it’s OK.
It is very common for kids especially to have “eyes bigger than their
stomachs” . Mine always ordered too much at restaurants, and left 1/2
full plates behind. I didn’t like it. I personally think that parents
should instill the mentality that “A penny saved is a penny earned.” And
to further quote my favorite guy, Benjamin Franklin, “No waste, No wants. <>
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