What is the best way to find a good restaurant and avoid the bad ones?

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What is the best way to find a good restaurant and avoid the bad ones?

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How can I find a great restaurant in a strange city?

More importantly,

*/How can you tell if a restaurant you have never tried is/*

*/going to be a great dining experience?/*

How can you tell if a restaurant is going to be any good?

How can you find a great restaurant in a strange city?

I have three ways of telling if */any/* restaurant anywhere is going to
be good.

Peek in the window!

1. Is it full of locals? How do you tell if a person is local? If
customers come in without pausing to look at the menu posted
outside, it probably means they are regulars. They already know
their favorite dishes and the prices thereof. Tourists always study
the menus posted outside.
2. You want to dine in a restaurant patronized by a lot of regular
returning diners, especially if they are a lot of the */same
ethnicity /*of the restaurant, i.e. Look for: Many Chinese in a
Chinese Restaurant, Peruvians in a Peruvian. Germans speaking German
in a German eatery.

3. This test is also pretty reliable: If you see many very well dressed,
obviously wealthy older, probably retired people in a middle class,
reasonably priced place, it is usually great.

How to Avoid Bad Restaurants?

Bad restaurants are usually empty or nearly empty when their neighbors
are full. If you pass by, peek in the window and see one full or nearly
full when neighboring restaurants are empty or nearly empty, guess what?
The one with all the people enjoying their food will always be good . →
Big exception, when it is a tour bus stop (or a hotel dining room) with
the meal included. Sometimes such restaurants can be OK, but usually are
average to terrible. If it is an outdoor restaurant, or with tables next
to windows, I actually look closely at the food on the plates. If the
portions are tiny and just too too artistic, I keep moving.

PS- My other articles on making money, finding love and staying healthy
are more interesting. But finding good restaurants is also very
important to me. Here in the French Riviera where I live, you could go
to a different, really good restaurant every single night (or lunch) for
all of your life and never run out —there are so many to choose from.
Several new ones are opening every day. By the way, if you simply google
“best restaurants in xyz” for whatever town you are in, you will get
pretty good lists with customer comments and pictures. You can further
narrow the listing down by asking for “Best Chinese Restaurants” etc.

Peter Taradash <http://petertaradash.com/>
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