What is the most valuable routine of a high net worth individual?

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What is the most valuable routine of a high net worth individual?

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One thing I have noticed is that good business people are never “too
busy” to make a deal or serve a customer.

Yesterday, I was standing outside the door of a furniture store about 5
minutes before the scheduled closing time. A guy rushed up. An employee
(surely not the owner???) was locking up and shutting down for the
night. The guy said,

“Hold it you are still open. I want to buy the $9,999- advertised “today
only” bedroom set. The guy continued locking up saying “”Sorry we are

The potential customer said “Fuck you,” clearly indicating he would take
his business and his money elsewhere.

I see this kind of thing all the time. A telephone sales person puts the
caller-customer on hold to chat with their boyfriend. A person trying to
sell a property but too busy to show it to the prospect. A storekeeper
refuses to exchange something rotten he sold, for something good. One
loses both a sale and repeat business with that kind of attitude.

No one who earned (rather than inherited) his high net worth ever
refuses to serve or discuss a deal with a serious person. I certainly
don’t. I even consider and counter-offer on low-ball or trade offers
that others might deem silly.

That doesn’t mean I am *never* rude to jerks, trolls or insulting
people. But if any situation involves losing a potential profit— I will
even deal with people I don’t care for.

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