As a wealthy person, what are your tips for financial independence?

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As a wealthy person, what are your tips for financial independence?

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As I read the Brimson comments I kept thinking “wow- it’s good.” This
Brimson guy must have read my books and followed the advice I have been
giving out for the past 60 years. It seemed that all his ideas are those
expressed in */Think Like A Tycoon/* and the many other really good
books by myself and others. It is hard to get this degree of knowledge
and really good opinions out of thin air. He must have read widely and
gone to a few classes or courses...

Then I got to the very unexpected last lines where he says “I am not
selling you any stupid book or program.”

What the heck does that mean? He thinks all books are stupid? That all
courses (even at Harvard Business School & my alma mater Wharton) are
stupid? I found the book lists in the answer by Fayad quite good choices
—not stupid at all. Could it be that he is frustrated because he has not
written anything longer than this excellent summary of what all the good
books & courses on financial independence say? It’s a mystery and maybe
Mr B will clarify. Are all books stupid?

Strange it is indeed, where someone summarizes the ideas in the very
best written sources of wealth building advice and then loses some
credibility by indiscriminately calling courses & books “stupid.” Sure
there is a lot of bad advice out there — like how to get rich on binary
option trading — but */there are very few wealthy people who have not
studied the topics they are interested in —in various books, reports. If
not self-taught they may have taken valuable MBA type refresher
programs. /*I used to teach one myself (40 years ago) and a big
percentage my own “alumni” did very well. Mr.B’s short summary was good,
but the fine points need to be covered by something more detailed than a
five minute outline. Non-stupid books and programs are IMO useful.

Peter Taradash <>
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