Based on Caucasian standards, do Asian girls look less attractive, just based on appearance?

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Based on Caucasian standards, do Asian girls look less attractive, just based on appearance?

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Do Caucasians find Asian Girls more attractive than women who look like
their own mothers?

Before your question, I never heard that there was a thing called
“Caucasian Standards.”

In any event, “Beauty is (always) in the eyes the beholder.”

From a purely physical point of view, some men like Asians, others
Africans or mestizos (mixed —- like most Brazilians!) .

My own personal observation is that most people, men and women, go for
birds of a feather— I mean mates racially & similar in backgrounds to

I was always an exception & greatly preferred exotic women to the
locals. I also preferred to live and work (as a “P.T.”) outside of my
home country.

Many Americans and Europeans, Caucasian and otherwise, find local girls
(especially if they are “radical feminists”) less attractive than Asians
who usually tend to favor more traditional relationships. The Asians
tend to be more faithful and in the event of incompatibility, less
interested in revenge, keeping the kids away from daddy &/ or maximizing
divorce awards. Needless to say, there are plenty of exceptions.

The bottom line IMO is seeking potential partners based mainly on race,
“appearance” and/or physical attractiveness is a mistake.

Personality, attitude, talent and long term compatibility makes any girl
(or man) attractive or unattractive.

Remember this: “Marriage is the first step towards divorce!” Read my
other QUORA answers for my ideas on relationships, love, sex and all
that kind of stuff.

If my answer has not been crystal clear, */preferences based on personal
appearance is very individual. Most men seem to be attracted to (or at
least end up with) girls of their own race, and background. I have heard
it said that most men want to marry a girl like their mother./*
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