Why don’t some schizophrenics want a relationship?

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Why don’t some schizophrenics want a relationship?

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Why can’t some schizophrenics maintain relationships?

One of my 5 wives was a schizo. What was the attraction? She was good
looking & sexy. Seemed normal at first. This was 40 years ago! Getting
free of her was a long and expensive process.

She seemed to want a relationship and financial support, but certainly
didn’t know how to (and was not capable of) keeping a man happy. At
first, I thought her less serious crazy actions were just eccentricities
or moodiness . /I/ didn’t realize she had serious mental issues till we
had been together for over a year. The price of being with her by then
was way too high.

Most of the time she was impossible to live with or deal with. Why?
Among other things she was always hearing imaginary voices warning her
of impending disasters or having religious epiphanies. What's that?
Saints talking to her or Satan (in the form of me) coming for her. She
was frequently complaining that most people she knew or worked with were
plotting against her. Like to kill her!

Sometimes she went into a catatonic state and didn’t move or speak for
days. Other times she yelled and screamed at me or other people non-stop
till she collapsed. Upon awakening — even 12 hours later-- she resumed
her tirades. If we went out to a restaurant or on a trip, she would
almost always scream, make “scenes” and usually do a dramatic exit. She
hid things, broke things, threw things at me, and assaulted me
regularly. I sat on her once to defend myself . She called police and
told them I had assaulted and raped her. But fortunately she lost
credibility when she imagined the cops were enemies and assaulted them.
She was taken to the booby hatch a few times and injected with Thorazine
which calmed her down for a day or two. I was legally obliged to take
her home and do my best to live with her till the next outbreak.

In the inevitable divorce, her feminist contingent fee lawyer accused
*/me/* of making her crazy. Of course the judge said I had to pay for
her support, maintenance and cure. Forever. Moral of this story: It may
be OK to live with someone you are attracted to, but never marry. If
your partner shows signs of psychotic mental illness, get them out of
your life immediately. You may even have to move far away where they
can’t find you. Peter Taradash <http://petertaradash.com/>
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