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How can I be a more submissive girlfriend?

Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2022 2:16 pm
by LaurentG
I was friends with a trans-sexual dominatrix who ran a dungeon in London.

She revealed the amazing fact that there are hundreds of wanna be slaves
(submissives) for every dom. The reason was that a slave just has to be
submissive, and a dom has to give interesting orders, make interesting
demands, etc. */If the dominatrix is boring, the slaves go elsewhere./*

To answer your question, you can easily be more submissive by not
arguing. If your boyfriend says “Will you bring me a beer?” Your do it.
You don’t argue,

“You have had enough,” or “ Get it yourself you lazy schmuck.”

Some guys like submissive girlfriends, others like doms. I like oriental
women who have a reputation for being submissive —- which they tend to
be in public. But I can tell you that “behind closed doors,” they are
anything but submissive. At least the ones who have been my honeys. <>