What does a $250 restaurant bill get you where you live?

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What does a $250 restaurant bill get you where you live?

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I live on the border between Switzerland and Italy. In Italy we can eat
at an “all you can eat” 1st class sushi or Chinese buffet for $12 each.
Price range in upper middle class restaurants is probably $10 to $50.
Water is usually Free, drinks extra. To spend $250, you’d usually need 4

In Switzerland the prices are higher but the food quality & ambiance is
also higher. A similar buffet is $25 with the bottled “mineral water’ $5.

I like the $1 hotdogs at Ikea Switzerland for my usual daily dining out

A good meal in a top Swiss restaurant might be around $100 or more per
person. The only way for one person to spend $250 would be to have some
very expensive wine.

But for 2 people with a house special expensive dessert like cherries
jubilee, flaming crepes Suzette, or profiteroles and excellent house
wine, the check with service included could easily be $250 or more.
Remember that’s for 2!

Also, some top restaurants have a gourmet tasting menu and that could
easily be $125. Thus the bill for two in such a place would be around $250.

In my 1000+ Quora answers I usually write about making money, not
spending it.

But I do go out for an expensive treat now & then. PeterTaradash.com
<http://petertaradash.com/>, former chef at the Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut
(60 years ago!)
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