Do you encounter many gold digger women?

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Do you encounter many gold digger women?

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Do you encounter many gold digger women?

Is there something wrong with a woman (or a man for that matter) trying
to improve their economic status by having a wealthy partner & giving
something that partner needs in return? I think not.

In answer to the question, my terrific, fabulous, great, sexy, present
girlfriend (all those swell adjectives just in case she reads this!)
warned me years ago: All the single girls she knew would try to seduce
me and get money out of me. I have been waiting (and hoping) for that to
happen for around 35 years. So far no luck.

I am handsome, funny, rich, like old movies and classical music. Used to
be a good dancer, but arthritis has ended that. More than one girl told
me I was better looking undressed than dressed. When I asked “Why?” She
said because I was thew worst dressed guy d=she ever dated. Oh well!

I have even placed my name and a 20 year old pic on that Sugar Daddy
website. But no gold diggers in all these years have tried to seduce me.
I think I will lie about my age and instead of 80, put in 97. Maybe that
will bring me a few gold digger candidates.

I will keep tuning in to this question to get some hints/tips to get
their attention. Or maybe there are no gold diggers on Quora. Shucks. <>
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